* Quinoa Who…?? *

It’s been a staple in our pantry for quite some time now….

and slowly…..it took the place of rice and couscous =}

Combining well with a variety of dishes…

it lends itself beautifully to creativity in the kitchen.

Packing a respective 20+ grams of protein in just a cup,

and having ample amounts of magnesium and manganese…

as well as a sweet amount of Omega 3 Fattys…

Quinoa, in all it’s simple glory, should become a regular rotation in your recipe playbook.

((((((……..Read about it in depth here on my favorite website for healthy food facts….))))))

Now….what to do with it..?!?

First of all…..my boys  (14 and 17) will not touch Quinoa plain…..

So, I’ve become a master at sneaking it into EVERYTHING!!

Soups…are the easiest for quinoa to hide in

but theres also



Muffins and baked goods


Try this Quinoa Tabbouleh for a new twist on an old


It can be mixed into turkey meatloaf or meatballs instead of breadcrumbs….

Added to omelets and scrambled eggs….

or use it in place of oatmeal and whip up this tasty combo for breakfast.

My favorite way to enjoy quinoa, is with some

red lentils

coconut oil

nutritional yeast



Simple at it’s finest…….

experiment…have fun    *K