* Dr. Saul….My Web MD *


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Let me tell you about one of my favorite people of the internet world….

It is Mr. Andrew Saul…..an Orthomolecular PhD with a simple approach to great health.

You may remember him from the eye-opening documentary Food Matters

If you haven’t seen it…..I highly recommend you watch it now…..

it will change your whole way of thinking!

The impact this movie had on me was a game changer….

but I was captivated by the message that

Mr. Saul was sharing…..so I did some research….

and found him online here at the best health website EVER!!

 Doctor Yourself

I read until my eyes couldn’t see anymore…this is everything I believe in all in one place…

Vitamin Therapy…whole simple foods…juicing…health problems and solutionsfiring your doctor!

A brilliant compilation of fascinating reading material combined with a little chuckle =}

this is my go-to site for anything health related….

I always check with my favorite Web MD =}