Mysterious Magnesium

I describe this essential mineral as mysterious because minor deficiency often goes unnoticed causing  discomforts that begin to add up over time. Although you can and should obtain it through many foods, it’s not always easy to eat perfectly. Excellent sources are nuts, seeds,  beans and greens also many grains and vegetables have good levels of magnesium

Magnesium is necessary for over 300 enzymatic functions in keeping our bodies running at their best and supplementing with this amazing multi-tasker has great health benefits that I can personally attest to, especially in the area of headaches! PMS headaches are  literally a pain in the head that can be very difficult to deal with making life just a bit more challenging.

If you suffer from these types of hormonal headaches, You have to try this!!

Magnesium supplementing in powder form provides almost instant relief from my hormonal headache, makes me feel calmer with more energy and gives my body the advantage of ample amounts of this wonderful mineral.

You can read more in depth at my favorite nutritional info destination….

WH Foods- Magnesium

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When you’re finished reading about Mg, type any vegetable, whole food or nutrient to obtain an in depth explanation of lots of helpful facts.

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