* The Cleaner Way to Clean *

Our home is cleaned with the simplest ingredients…

Castile soap

White Vinegar

Baking Soda

Hydrogen Peroxide

and scented with natural oils.

With these 4 ingredients, our home stays fresh as well as chemical free for way less. Way less!!


I haven’t bought a commercial cleaner in years….don’t even miss them!

Using just a regular old spay bottle…mix together a squirt of

Castile Soap




You can adjust the strengths to suit your cleaning needs…

I typically use a ratio of 1:4 vinegar/water

add 10 or so drops of oil…depending on the scents of course.

I have a combo I really like that includes






but I’ve also experimented with





tea tree


I order mine on Vitacost…usually the NOW brand or Aura Cacia

Each has their own benefits in keeping your home germ free and healthy.

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Microfiber cloths are by far my favorite way to clean and believe me, I’ve tried them all!

E-cloths…Norwex…no name brands….I have a drawer full of them!

Make the switch…..and you’ll never go back to regular old cleaning again…

Safe, natural, easy and they clean beautifully with only water!!

Pay close attention to the washing instructions though…they aren’t towels =)

Simple. Sparkling. Clean