* Magnesium Miracle *

. . . . .When I experience something awesome and miraculous, the first thing I want to do is tell E V E R Y O N E especially when I realize the value in the information I’ve discovered through personal tragedy. This is such a recollection of an event that happened on Halloween of 2014 as we celebrated trick or treating with our four children, our six year old Pekingese mix was quietly suffering a seizure that eventually would claim her entire little body for the next five days.

  Mia has had seizures in the past stemming from the use of a bark collar {{which we will never use on her or another dog again!}} This time, things were much different. Realizing that my little dog was in a permanent seizure was absolutely terrifying and it took all I had to hold it together as I researched on every inch of the internet to find relevant information to aid in healing her. Reading about other dog owners going through the same thing with their beloved pups, I discovered a pattern of destructive nature…..dry food lacking essential nutrients. I dug further finding a doctor who ultimately helped me save my precious for legged furry. For that, I will be forever grateful ♥

Dr. Peter Tobias

This website is exactly what I needed at tis moment in time, you see, I’ve been noticing a decline in health for a few months not really knowing what was causing her fatigue. She had no interest in her doggie food (( Lamb & Rice, the most natural I could afford )) and there were days she didn’t even want water. Even though I noticed these tell-tale signs…..   I had no idea what was actually happening to my furry as she was slowly dying from mineral deficiency. I read through tears with my heart in my stomach as  sifted through Dr. Tobias’s well written information, he led me down the path I was meant to be traveling…the path to Our Best Health Ever!! Our whole family benefited from his very simple but often overlooked approach to holistic health.

Mia  was so sick. Her entire body was stiff and her mouth was clamped shut. Her legs couldn’t be bent, she couldn’t walk, her bladder and bowels just let go. The shine was gone from her eyes and her fur was brittle and dry. She shook uncontrollably and looked at me with a longing she couldn’t explain. I told her it was fine to go , thanked her for being such a good companion to our family for six years and that we all  loved her  so much. My tears poured down my face and soaked her fur, she didn’t move.

That night, as my sweet pup lay dying on my bed, I feverishly searched for something, anything that would help her, and believed I had found it though time was not on my side. Mia’s bowels had just let go, signaling her immanent departure from our lives.  =[                    I went the very next morning to our local Healthy Foods store and chose a liquid trace mineral supplement made by Source Naturals. I added those precious drops to a tincture bottle filled with warm water and began her therapy. Lifting her jowls and squeezing a few drops between her teeth. At first, the water just dripped back out the other side but as I kept trying, eventually she would swallow. With each passing hour I would give her as many drops as her little mouth would take. By the next morning, we were giving her a full 1 ounce at a time! She began liking the dropper with fervor and she could now lift her head, although she was still urinating herself, we were seeing a little light in her eyes.

We were in the midst of witnessing a miracle!! She slowly lifted her body off the couch as I approached her with the brown dropper bottle waiting eagerly between each filling until she finished a bottle at a time! Over the course of that day she began walking very slowly at first and asking to go outside for her duties =) Her little tired body was recovering right before our eyes….a miraculous recovery! Just 5 days after her near fateful stroke and for the first time in months I saw our dog act like a puppy again, energy abounding, eyes bright, coat shiny and soft and most importantly, her beautifully annoying bark returned with a new appreciation ♥

This is the link to purchase from *{{Vitacost }}* the best price I’ve found by far! If you create an account through this link, you’ll get $10 off your first $30 purchase….what a great deal!

mineralsHoping that you’ve found this information helpful….feel free to leave me a comment.

Best wishes on your journey to You Best Health Ever!!

Cheers . . . . . . . . . *K



* The Cleaner Way to Clean *

Our home is cleaned with the simplest ingredients…

Castile soap

White Vinegar

Baking Soda

Hydrogen Peroxide

and scented with natural oils.

With these 4 ingredients, our home stays fresh as well as chemical free for way less. Way less!!


I haven’t bought a commercial cleaner in years….don’t even miss them!

Using just a regular old spay bottle…mix together a squirt of

Castile Soap




You can adjust the strengths to suit your cleaning needs…

I typically use a ratio of 1:4 vinegar/water

add 10 or so drops of oil…depending on the scents of course.

I have a combo I really like that includes






but I’ve also experimented with





tea tree


I order mine on Vitacost…usually the NOW brand or Aura Cacia

Each has their own benefits in keeping your home germ free and healthy.

*click here*



Microfiber cloths are by far my favorite way to clean and believe me, I’ve tried them all!

E-cloths…Norwex…no name brands….I have a drawer full of them!

Make the switch…..and you’ll never go back to regular old cleaning again…

Safe, natural, easy and they clean beautifully with only water!!

Pay close attention to the washing instructions though…they aren’t towels =)

Simple. Sparkling. Clean



* Beauty Within *

True beauty comes from within….it’s true.

The happier you are, the more beautiful you are!

Smiles on our faces show the light shinning from within….our innermost being.

What makes us happy, content and balanced is very unique…differing vastly from person to person.

Finding that balance is a life long journey…of getting to know yourself and where your path will lead you.

Embrace who you are and who you were created to be….there’s no one else like you!

Count your strengths…focus on what you like about yourself.

Accept your faults…we all have them.

Forgive yourself….Leave the past there.

Really enjoy life….everyday is a gift.

Choose positive thoughts and decide who you want to be….fill your mind  with those thoughts.

{{{Look in the mirror, smile and love yourself}}}