A Clear Mind

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Our thoughts are living energy…whatever happens in our minds, happens in reality. The Law of Attraction….a simple yet wildly powerful shift in thinking that ultimately leads us to our destiny. Just as each person travels their own path on the journey through life…so we each have our own innate sense and passion for what we truly want, what we deserve and what we aspire for deep in our hearts. While I’m not really one for the typical New Years resolution, I do believe in clearing my mind and starting over with fresh thoughts for the new year…leaving the old ways of thinking where they belong, in the past. Sitting down with myself and my thoughts, making a list of my projects and goals for the upcoming months, evaluating how the last year has changed me and forgiving mistakes are my way of clearing the mind and making room for all the great things that are coming my way in 20*15. Replacing negative thoughts with positive opens our minds to a clearer less judgmental way of living…consciously making this a habit will bring an inner peace throughout the year. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, forgive yourself and move forward…this is gonna be your best year ever!! ∼K


* Thirty Eight Years of Kristina *

November 22 is my day and the perfect time for me to reflect on the footsteps of my journey and  lay out my goals for the future.

Each year as I look back, I marvel in awe…thirty eight already..? I remember very well anxiously awaiting eighteen ;]

I no longer mind the passing of time and the inevitable aging that comes with each new year. I truly enjoy growing older and watching my lovely family grow along with me. Taking good care of my health and having a positive outlook on life have proved to be my best connections to the proverbial Fountain of Youth.

I’ve learned so much in my relatively short stay here on our planet earth. I love to read and explore all my interests until I’m exhausted an cannot possibly take in any more information. I’m self-taught in most aspects but  also love to be taught by the wise who have had the experiences before me. Age has no boundaries in learning. I have been taught lessons by the young and old alike. I’ve even learned great lessons from those I’m not particularly fond of, those are usually the harder ones =]

In growing older, I’ve learned to let go. I don’t have control of anything except my very own self. It makes life so much more enjoyable when you discover this small but significant detail, especially being a wife and mother. I don’t own their actions, I must simply teach by example and allow the rest to fall into it’s own place.

My focus has also narrowed as now I tend to direct my attention towards my home and family. In past years, my focus was more towards friends and outside influences. This shift made me much happier as I was fulfilling my purpose to my family. I am exactly where I belong at this moment in time. I’m happier…healthier and more me than I ever have been before =}

Cheers to thirty-eight…thank you for the memories thirty seven ❤


* My R E A L Life *

*The Luckiest Wife  * Very Blessed Mother of 4    *Family Chef   *Laundry Maid

* Happy Housekeeper *Grocery Maven  *Graceful Gardener   *Creative Specialist  

  * Budget Wrangler   *Expert Wound Healer   *Hairstylist   *Camping Diva

   *Soulful Counselor   * Dutiful Daughter    * Loyal Friend     *Natural Hottie

It’s hard to think of ways to describe yourself…..I define my self by what I do and what I love.

That doesn’t necessarily define who I am, but it does create who I am becoming.

Most of these ‘traits’ didn’t even exist until I became a Wife and Mother.

In the embracing of change, I really love who I’ve become.

It wasn’t always easy though…You don’t become an exceptional Wife and Mom overnight =}

I’ve been on this journey for 17 years exactly…with 4 children…each one is vastly different!

Over time, I’ve figured out how to cook exceptional meals…camp like a champ…shop for groceries like its my JOB and handle our budget with grace and faith.

In the beginning….I was just playing house….

17 years later

this shit is REAL!