* Salad f o r Breakfast *

The humble salad, in most peoples minds, belongs in a little side bowl with a dollop of tasty dressing and contains no more than 4 veggies.

  Then there’s people like me,

 ((:not sure how many that would be:))

who eat salad like it’s their J O B….

On average, I buy 3 greens a week….usually 2 lettuces ((romaine, red, green…etc.))

                                                              ….and a non-lettuce((kale, spinach, arugula…etc.))

                                                            I pile on the colors….((red, green, yellow peppers,  shaved carrot, cukes, red cabbage, green onions, and  tomatoes))

  My salads are always topped with nuts ((walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers…etc.))

                                                      sprinkles((dulse, chia, sesame seeds, nutritional yeast))

                              sometimes I add cheese((feta or cheddar))

                             and if you aren’t a veggie((Chopped egg, Turkey chunks or tuna))

I almost always make my own dressing as a simple mix of oils, ACV and garlic powder with a

S Q U E E Z E  of L E M O N

It’s pretty….a work of art….I am a salad artist =)

 I don’t have to tell you how good veggies in layered form are for your health.

How about starting your day with a crisp green pile of veggie goodness!

 I do it all the time!

It’s by far my favorite meal to start the day…..

~T R Y   I T ~