* The R E A L Salt *

…..it’s true…..your body needs salt! BUT…..it needs a REAL salt, not some stripped down impersonator with a MAJOR imbalance.

Iodized salt is Sodium Chloride….2 elements…also added to prevent certain birth defects, Iodine.

….real salt is full of complexity even though it is 95% Sodium Chloride….by real salt…I mean Himalayan Salt…or Pink Salt

the most important trace minerals and elements that make salt an essential nutrient have been left intact….including iodine =)

…there….now make the change and feel the difference….on your tongue first…the taste is so perfect!

It’s balanced…bright and full of flavor….adding it to your favorite foods will prove it’s staying power in your kitchen….it’s the little things….like the right salt….perfectly seasoning your life =}

******Until we meet again******




* Natural Hottie *

Everyone version of  B E A U T Y is different….

I prefer everything to be as natural as possible…

N A T U R A L * B E A U T Y * I S * H O T

You just can’t make that shit up! It must come from within…

Think of the most beautiful people you know,

bet they’re not caked in 18 pounds of make-up!!

A natural lifestyle shines through as

*glowing skin

*beautiful hair

*clear eyes

*nourished nails

and a positive outlook on life =}

When we nourish ourselves, we feel good, and it shows!

The things that rob us of this precious beauty are usually in the form

of chemically laden food or body products…

We always need to be vigilant about what goes

into and on our bodies….it’s so very important!

I use 2 products on my body regularly…..

*my homemade essential oil scented coconut oil

*Dr. Bronners Castile Soap

The coconut oil is used as a hair conditioner as well as

a luxurious body oil that nourishes your skin like no other!

….and Dr. Bronners….he has a whole bunch of jobs in our house,

because it’s the only soap we buy =]


*shower soap

*laundry soap

*spray cleaner

*veggie wash

*floor cleaner

*dog wash

*foot soak

*car wash

There’s almost always a natural alternative for the conventional products you’re using.

Do a little research on this website (((EWG)))

it classifies over 68,000 body products on toxicity.

Embrace change and give up the harsh chemicals in favor of

lovely, natural, beneficial products…the rewards are endless beauty!

A natural hottie lives with this principle in mind

**Simple is best and less is more**