* The Pantry *

Here are some items in my pantry that I always have on hand. I purchase organic when it’s financially practical. Bobs Red Mill is one of my most used brands, visiting their website gets you a $1.00 coupon =)

*dried beans-garbanzos…red beans…black bean… are my most used varieties

*lentils- red and French

*oats- old fashioned not the quick variety

*canned tomatoes-diced…puree…paste

*grains-brown jasmine…barley…millet…quinoa…wild rice

*nuts and seeds-sunflowers…sesame…hemp seeds…pumpkin…cashews…almonds. Always raw

*nutritional yeast- a must for vegan and vegetarian foods, I use it everyday =)

*seaweeds- dulse…kelp…nori. Nori is for sushi…the others I add to various dishes

*oils- avocado…olive…coconut, virgin and unrefined

*flour- I use King Arthur…there are no gluten issues in our family. If there were, I’d use a mixture involving coconut flour, which I love, but it’s a bit heavy.

*cornmeal-organic only

*popcorn-organic only

*raw apple cider vinegar-with the mother

*Braggs Liquid Aminos- replaces soy sauce and is delicious on so many different foods

*salt- Himalayan…Red Hawaiian…smoked salt. All different tastes, Himalayan is our most used.

*peppercorns- freshly ground is always best

*dried or fresh herbs and spices- too many to list…but my most used are onion powder, garlic powder, thyme, Italian seasoning, basil, chive, mustard, dill, rosemary, parsley, cilantro. Using fresh herbs is a wonderful way to add character to your foods.

*canned items are minimal, but I do keep pumpkin, squash and tomatoes on hand for soups and baking

*oat bran…what germ…flax meal also for baking

*raw cacao- a better for you version of cocoa powder

*sweeteners- honey…maple syrup…organic sugar

*tea- mostly caffeine free fruity teas, also dandelion root…calendula…elderberry and Yogi’s Detox Tea.

That’s the pantry side of my kitchen. I always keep it stocked with back-ups so that I can make a variety of soups, stews, casseroles and baked goods.

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