* Essential Healing *

These precious oils hold mysterious secrets

and simply magical power.

Natural germ fighters by design

essential oils also have multi-tasking properties

*digestives aids

*wound healing

*restoring skin tone

*promoting peaceful sleep

*easing cramps and PMS

and increasing immunity

And….there are so many to choose from!

My advice…

start with one….and get really familiar with it’s character.

I started with lemongrass…endless uses!


*mosquito repellant

*cuts, bruises, skin issues

*pain and inflammation

*air freshener

*soothing massage

*muscle injuries

*cleaning spray


It’s with me all the time…and I’m still finding new ways to enjoy it.

You could start with any of these simple oils






Aura Cacia sells oils already mixed with Jojoba oil

making it easier for beginners, no mixing with a carrier.


My collection has several of these, used mostly for the children.

NOW also makes a fine 100% pure essential oil collection….I have quite a few of these as well


Once you’ve chosen an oil, read up on its profile…just Google it =}

I order mine thru ((Vitacost))

((use this link to get $10 off your first order!!))

As for the MLM oils…such as doTERRA and Young Living..

their oils are wonderful, they have a good program for receiving free oils!

This is a lifelong relationship that will only get better with time and experience.

I have so many now…I’m gonna have to ask my Hubby to build a home for them =]

I’d love to know which oils you use and how…

I’m always learning and I love to hear personal stories.

Oily Yours…..*K







* Natural Hottie *

Everyone version of  B E A U T Y is different….

I prefer everything to be as natural as possible…

N A T U R A L * B E A U T Y * I S * H O T

You just can’t make that shit up! It must come from within…

Think of the most beautiful people you know,

bet they’re not caked in 18 pounds of make-up!!

A natural lifestyle shines through as

*glowing skin

*beautiful hair

*clear eyes

*nourished nails

and a positive outlook on life =}

When we nourish ourselves, we feel good, and it shows!

The things that rob us of this precious beauty are usually in the form

of chemically laden food or body products…

We always need to be vigilant about what goes

into and on our bodies….it’s so very important!

I use 2 products on my body regularly…..

*my homemade essential oil scented coconut oil

*Dr. Bronners Castile Soap

The coconut oil is used as a hair conditioner as well as

a luxurious body oil that nourishes your skin like no other!

….and Dr. Bronners….he has a whole bunch of jobs in our house,

because it’s the only soap we buy =]


*shower soap

*laundry soap

*spray cleaner

*veggie wash

*floor cleaner

*dog wash

*foot soak

*car wash

There’s almost always a natural alternative for the conventional products you’re using.

Do a little research on this website (((EWG)))

it classifies over 68,000 body products on toxicity.

Embrace change and give up the harsh chemicals in favor of

lovely, natural, beneficial products…the rewards are endless beauty!

A natural hottie lives with this principle in mind

**Simple is best and less is more**