* Pro Bio Low *

We all know what antibiotics are…

more than likely, we’ve had a few course in our lifetime.

In the world of medical, those are the saviors…

in my eyes….they are the destroyers of our life force =(

The term itself means ‘against Bacteria’…but the script doesn’t differentiate…

all bacteria is wiped out….

…but we NEED the good ones for all of our healthy functions.

This is where the problem begins to set in….

-digestion is impaired

-nutrient absorption is compromised

-organs begin to suffer

-symptoms become apparent

We need to re-think our approach to health….and it begins in the gut.

Rebuilding takes time…but multi-strain probiotics work quickly to

‘crowd out’ harmful bacteria and replace desperately needed beneficial flora.

Adding digestive enzymes increases absorption and greatly increases digestion.

I’ve been researching this subject extensively and have found an approach I truly believe in…

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has a website that is well stocked

and full of very useful information on the subject of the GAPS diet.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome is the science of all health problems originating

out of a disorganized colony of micro flora, allowing for conditions to rapidly deteriorate

leading to chronic, deep seated health problems.

The list of conditions relating to Gut and Psychology Syndrome is staggering….


-autism spectrum disorders



-Chrone’s Disease

-lactose intolerance






…just to name a few. The list goes on…and on.

My intention is to point anyone with an interest in the right direction….

when considered that a good portion of our immunity comes from the health of our gut…

this is a subject worth our consideration =}

                                                                      Until we meet again….. *K*