Stocking Healthy…Internet Style

Our kitchen is filled with healthy foods so that everyone has a variety of good choices. Aside from fresh fruits, veggies and meats, I purchase most of our staples through Vitacost….I LOVE them ❤  Being able to browse so many healthy options can be a bit overwhelming…there’s so much to choose from! I believe there is a natural alternative for pretty much everything…and Vitacost has all and more, even their own name brand which is of fantastic quality. If your order is over $49 they’ll ship it for free in the U.S…insured by the very best packaging I’ve ever seen…really…they are exceedingly thorough =} That neatly packed box takes just 4-5 days to arrive with all my goodies and each time, it feels like the best holiday as I unpack each item that was so carefully wrapped just for me ❤ 

So what’s in this box…..Let’s open and see!!


vitacost box          IMG_3243                IMG_3244


 This order contained mostly pantry restocking, but I can’t help trying something new each time I place an order. New to the box this round was the Vitacost Raw Honey (non-GMO)…also their brand of organic peanut butter…and a bag of organic dried black bean flakes by Frontier. Each of my organic herbs and spices come in one pound bulk bags to be divvied up and shared among my family and like minded friends….so much cheaper this way…I am a self-confessed chronic over-seasoner =) In this order was the best smelling basil EVER…garlic granules…ground tumeric (I’m experimenting with this one..) spinach and kelp powders ( I use in baking biscuits and tortillas…also salad sprinkle…)
Here’s a few other items that are purchased regularly….packed with love of course =)

                                                            IMG_3247               IMG_3246                 IMG_3245

Vitacost Hemp Seeds are not only the best priced, they taste soooo good!! These little superfood powerhouses really pack a nutritional punch in a small convenient package that blends well with everything you can think of sprinkling them over. This time, they were on sale, buy one, get the second half off………really.

Almond milk is our staple white beverage, it makes everyone happy and tastes delicious…..and it’s so good for nutritiously alkalizing our bodies….win-win.

Vitamin C vitacost style is a sweet berry flavored chewable that will provide the whole family with  immune boosting tissue regeneration and energy sparks in every cell! A serious contender in the intentional quest for excellent health.
For years, I shopped at our local healthy foods stores…don’t misunderstand, I’m all about buying local…but my primary goal is to keep my family healthy by purchasing real, organic, non-GMO whole foods. The money I’ve saved in the last 3 years with Vitacost is a definite plus, but there are other advantages such as free shipping right to my door and shopping from the comfort of my own laptop making decisions so much easier than in the store aisle! Plus…if you refer friends and family, they give you a generous $10 off their first order and $10 for yourself!!
I really hope you try them out…browse the site…use the search and find favorite items…fill your cart and bring healthy goodies right to your door.
Here’s my link to receive $10 off your first $30 order…VITACOST.
Happy shopping and cheers to your best health…..*K







Cheers to a Healthy 2015!

As 2014 comes to a close, there are so many new opportunities waiting for us in the fresh new year of 2015!

The ending of a year is always busy with festivities and holiday fun that sometimes derails our healthy thoughts making room for stress and poor health. That’s why ushering the new year in with goals and aspirations of a new improved healthier you can be so refreshing. There’s a certain magic in new beginnings that can’t be created any other way and using this little subconscious shift in thinking to our advantage in working towards our health goals. Once you’ve decided to make changes, don’t look back…carry yourself forward even during setbacks…create the habits that are going to make you stronger, healthier and a better version of what you were in 2014.

You can have whatever you want this year….write down your new goals and move toward them with a fierce passion always aware that you have the power to create your  destiny. The you of 2015 will be determined, strong and confident… ready for new challenges, it won’t always be easy , so you must be prepared with positive thoughts and an unwavering passion.

Above all….you have to believe in yourself and the goals you’re setting, it’s the best thing you can do for your future self ❤ Believe in your awesomeness…tap into your inner energy and get ready for big changes!

Cheers to a Healthy 2015!


* The Elderberry *

As November comes to an end, the cold long winter settles in for what seems like forever and it seems as though everyone around you has the dreaded two week cold. No one has time to be sick, especially parents. It’s in our best interest to begin early in the season with gentle preventives that go a long way to ensure a healthy immune response to all those prevalent “germs”.

Meet the humble Elderberry or Sambucus nigra

I prefer to use this berry in tea form because it is easier for my family. Alternatively, one can purchase the berries themselves either online or at the local healthy foods store.

You can order the tea through(( Vitacost )) which I have found to be the least expensive option.

A slightly bitter taste can be alleviated by adding enough sweetener. These little berries shine with both antioxidants and vitamin C. With regular use, one may notice a stronger immune response with less sniffles =] A very simple remedy.

There are several products containing elderberries such as Sambucol. They make a wonderful product, however for our family, it’s more cost effective to use the tea. Vitacost also carries their own brand which compares well to Sambucol and costs less =)

I’ve had such good results with this little purple berry, it’s our families go to tea for the cold/flu season. It mixes very well with juices so it’s easy to make a wellness punch by blending half elderberry tea (sweetened) and half juice such as apple, grape or cranberry…yummy =)

Try it and let me know how Elderberry works for your family…Cheers to Winter…*K