* Our Fridge *

Eating for wellness begins with fresh ingredients. I personally have adopted many ‘diets’ and eating fads over the years. having learned from my mistakes ;] Our families diet now can be described as simple whole foods in their most natural state prepared at home with love ♥

In our refrigerator you may find any of the following…

*local butter- we are so lucky to have Kate’s Maine Butter right in our own county. Best butter I’ve ever had! Real butter has it’s own health benefits….stay away from the fake stuff ;}

*a variety of  cheeses- cheddar, parmesan and feta most often. Our family has a tradition called ‘cheese of the week’ where we try a new kind.

*local milk-  we also have a dairy farm right down the road where we purchase raw milk, they’re own beef, handmade cheeses and butter as well as eggs. Lucky us!

*fresh organic veggies-lettuces…carrots…peppers…cukes…sprouts… onion…avocado…spinach…cabbage…beets…lemons…tomatoes. Basically the entire garden =]

*plain yogurt- for dips and adding creaminess, it also replaces sour cream in our kitchen and when put into cheese cloth becomes cream cheese ♦

*almond milk- for me….I just don’t like regular milk in some applications

*various condiments including Franks Hot Sauce… organic ketchup and mustard… olives…capers…balsamic vinegar and last but not least peanut butter and preserves.

My kitchen is simple and I turn whole natural foods into tasty nourishment with love and creativity. In my family….I am a Chef ♥

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