* My R E A L Life *

*The Luckiest Wife  * Very Blessed Mother of 4    *Family Chef   *Laundry Maid

* Happy Housekeeper *Grocery Maven  *Graceful Gardener   *Creative Specialist  

  * Budget Wrangler   *Expert Wound Healer   *Hairstylist   *Camping Diva

   *Soulful Counselor   * Dutiful Daughter    * Loyal Friend     *Natural Hottie

It’s hard to think of ways to describe yourself…..I define my self by what I do and what I love.

That doesn’t necessarily define who I am, but it does create who I am becoming.

Most of these ‘traits’ didn’t even exist until I became a Wife and Mother.

In the embracing of change, I really love who I’ve become.

It wasn’t always easy though…You don’t become an exceptional Wife and Mom overnight =}

I’ve been on this journey for 17 years exactly…with 4 children…each one is vastly different!

Over time, I’ve figured out how to cook exceptional meals…camp like a champ…shop for groceries like its my JOB and handle our budget with grace and faith.

In the beginning….I was just playing house….

17 years later

this shit is REAL!