A Clear Mind

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Our thoughts are living energy…whatever happens in our minds, happens in reality. The Law of Attraction….a simple yet wildly powerful shift in thinking that ultimately leads us to our destiny. Just as each person travels their own path on the journey through life…so we each have our own innate sense and passion for what we truly want, what we deserve and what we aspire for deep in our hearts. While I’m not really one for the typical New Years resolution, I do believe in clearing my mind and starting over with fresh thoughts for the new year…leaving the old ways of thinking where they belong, in the past. Sitting down with myself and my thoughts, making a list of my projects and goals for the upcoming months, evaluating how the last year has changed me and forgiving mistakes are my way of clearing the mind and making room for all the great things that are coming my way in 20*15. Replacing negative thoughts with positive opens our minds to a clearer less judgmental way of living…consciously making this a habit will bring an inner peace throughout the year. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, forgive yourself and move forward…this is gonna be your best year ever!! ∼K