* Beauty Within *

True beauty comes from within….it’s true.

The happier you are, the more beautiful you are!

Smiles on our faces show the light shinning from within….our innermost being.

What makes us happy, content and balanced is very unique…differing vastly from person to person.

Finding that balance is a life long journey…of getting to know yourself and where your path will lead you.

Embrace who you are and who you were created to be….there’s no one else like you!

Count your strengths…focus on what you like about yourself.

Accept your faults…we all have them.

Forgive yourself….Leave the past there.

Really enjoy life….everyday is a gift.

Choose positive thoughts and decide who you want to be….fill your mind  with those thoughts.

{{{Look in the mirror, smile and love yourself}}}



* My R E A L Life *

*The Luckiest Wife  * Very Blessed Mother of 4    *Family Chef   *Laundry Maid

* Happy Housekeeper *Grocery Maven  *Graceful Gardener   *Creative Specialist  

  * Budget Wrangler   *Expert Wound Healer   *Hairstylist   *Camping Diva

   *Soulful Counselor   * Dutiful Daughter    * Loyal Friend     *Natural Hottie

It’s hard to think of ways to describe yourself…..I define my self by what I do and what I love.

That doesn’t necessarily define who I am, but it does create who I am becoming.

Most of these ‘traits’ didn’t even exist until I became a Wife and Mother.

In the embracing of change, I really love who I’ve become.

It wasn’t always easy though…You don’t become an exceptional Wife and Mom overnight =}

I’ve been on this journey for 17 years exactly…with 4 children…each one is vastly different!

Over time, I’ve figured out how to cook exceptional meals…camp like a champ…shop for groceries like its my JOB and handle our budget with grace and faith.

In the beginning….I was just playing house….

17 years later

this shit is REAL!




* Natural Hottie *

Everyone version of  B E A U T Y is different….

I prefer everything to be as natural as possible…

N A T U R A L * B E A U T Y * I S * H O T

You just can’t make that shit up! It must come from within…

Think of the most beautiful people you know,

bet they’re not caked in 18 pounds of make-up!!

A natural lifestyle shines through as

*glowing skin

*beautiful hair

*clear eyes

*nourished nails

and a positive outlook on life =}

When we nourish ourselves, we feel good, and it shows!

The things that rob us of this precious beauty are usually in the form

of chemically laden food or body products…

We always need to be vigilant about what goes

into and on our bodies….it’s so very important!

I use 2 products on my body regularly…..

*my homemade essential oil scented coconut oil

*Dr. Bronners Castile Soap

The coconut oil is used as a hair conditioner as well as

a luxurious body oil that nourishes your skin like no other!

….and Dr. Bronners….he has a whole bunch of jobs in our house,

because it’s the only soap we buy =]


*shower soap

*laundry soap

*spray cleaner

*veggie wash

*floor cleaner

*dog wash

*foot soak

*car wash

There’s almost always a natural alternative for the conventional products you’re using.

Do a little research on this website (((EWG)))

it classifies over 68,000 body products on toxicity.

Embrace change and give up the harsh chemicals in favor of

lovely, natural, beneficial products…the rewards are endless beauty!

A natural hottie lives with this principle in mind

**Simple is best and less is more**