* Simple Lemon Rosemary Marinade *

this was super yummy…

 …simple and fresh with just a few ingredients

it’s also versatile…wear it with one pound of chicken, tofu, any fish, shrimp or turkey….

..double or triple if needed…

2T fresh rosemary (I crushed mine with the mortar and pestle)

2 garlic cloves (crushed and minced)

 nice juicy lemon

1/4 c. olive oil

1t Himalayan Salt

…and a dash of pepper…

that’s it!!

combine everything

let it stand to mingle flavors and

rub on the canvas of your choice

Simple and Cheers…..



* Coconut Oil Love *

I believe in LOVE

I believe in love at first sight {[my love story]}

and I truly believe you can fall in love with your favorite foods……..

…..Coconut Oil       is        my      food      love…..

Nothing else in my kitchen is so versatile

so creatively lending of itself to absolutely endless applications…dressings…marinades…homemade treats…confections and even frying!!

the best cooking oil….goodness abounds in its silky presence and unassuming nutrition boost!

convinced yet….???

there’s more…..

making your skin and hair gorgeously shine with 100% natural health…

treating dry, brittle lack-luster hair to a bathing of essential fatty acids and oils

perfectly balanced in perfect harmony…dryness does not exist in it’s presence.

We buy it once a year…in a 5 gallon bucket….no shit….and we use the WHOLE thing…no problem.

I bake with it, replacing butter by half….

It’s my non-stick go to oil with a little butter of course =)

and I make……

Veggie Butter


chocolate sauce….

coconut oil mayo{yum}

Making popcorn…

roasting veggies….

baking potatoes…

frying eggrolls, French fries, wantons and such other creations…

smoothies & shakes….


morning oats…

and…….. my hair/skin oil, made by melting it

and blending it with almond oil, Vitamin E and some sexy essential oil…

smells good…works wonders…inexpensive…all I use.

…we use Coconut Oil soap as well………..for everything we can’t eat….laundry…dishes…cleaning.

…I buy it here….

Everything you will ever need to know about this

mysteriously wondrous oil you’ll find on

((WH Foods)))

read…read…read…apply  =}


Veggie Butter

1 stick of organic butter

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup nutritional yeast flakes

pinch of each onion and garlic powders

s and p…..melt…blend…jar…refrigerate…slather on veggies and such =}

                                                                 …..that is all for now…..



* The R E A L Salt *

…..it’s true…..your body needs salt! BUT…..it needs a REAL salt, not some stripped down impersonator with a MAJOR imbalance.

Iodized salt is Sodium Chloride….2 elements…also added to prevent certain birth defects, Iodine.

….real salt is full of complexity even though it is 95% Sodium Chloride….by real salt…I mean Himalayan Salt…or Pink Salt

the most important trace minerals and elements that make salt an essential nutrient have been left intact….including iodine =)

…there….now make the change and feel the difference….on your tongue first…the taste is so perfect!

It’s balanced…bright and full of flavor….adding it to your favorite foods will prove it’s staying power in your kitchen….it’s the little things….like the right salt….perfectly seasoning your life =}

******Until we meet again******




* Salad f o r Breakfast *

The humble salad, in most peoples minds, belongs in a little side bowl with a dollop of tasty dressing and contains no more than 4 veggies.

  Then there’s people like me,

 ((:not sure how many that would be:))

who eat salad like it’s their J O B….

On average, I buy 3 greens a week….usually 2 lettuces ((romaine, red, green…etc.))

                                                              ….and a non-lettuce((kale, spinach, arugula…etc.))

                                                            I pile on the colors….((red, green, yellow peppers,  shaved carrot, cukes, red cabbage, green onions, and  tomatoes))

  My salads are always topped with nuts ((walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers…etc.))

                                                      sprinkles((dulse, chia, sesame seeds, nutritional yeast))

                              sometimes I add cheese((feta or cheddar))

                             and if you aren’t a veggie((Chopped egg, Turkey chunks or tuna))

I almost always make my own dressing as a simple mix of oils, ACV and garlic powder with a

S Q U E E Z E  of L E M O N

It’s pretty….a work of art….I am a salad artist =)

 I don’t have to tell you how good veggies in layered form are for your health.

How about starting your day with a crisp green pile of veggie goodness!

 I do it all the time!

It’s by far my favorite meal to start the day…..

~T R Y   I T ~



* Homemade Home *

I’m a sucker for anything handmade…especially food!

You can taste the love…it’s the best.

The meals served in our home are always made by our hands.

No boxes, no mixes, and usually no recipes!

Throwing ingredients together and slinging spices is a form of therapy not found in any other activity and we really never make the exact same things twice.

Our favorite standby’s are things like


Shrimp Scampi


Grilled Cheese and Soup


Pasta Salads

Roasted Veggies

Meatloaf and  Mashed

Burgers and Fries

Mustard Chicken

Stir Fry and Rice

Wantons or Eggrolls

the list continues to grow as we try new things….

We love to experiment in the kitchen and on the grill….

Pinterest is a great place for inspiration….

Make sure your pantry is stocked with simple basics so you’re always

 ready to create a meal.

Buy healthy food….Eat healthy food.

Utilize your freezer.

Having a meal plan helps.

Keep a running grocery list.

Don’t be afraid to try something out of your ordinary.

Add flavor by adding herbs.

Make coconut oil your favorite oil.

Now….go cook something yummy =}



* The Vegan Cheese *

I am not a Vegan….but I like the way they eat =}

Some of my favorite foods are vegan by default…BUT

I bet they miss cheese…..at least a little bit.

A few years back, I was forced to stop eating all dairy, including cheese,

(((as my daughter was lactose intolerant and I was nursing)))

Giving up cheese was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done dietary wise!

It’s literally addictive!

My Vegan Cheese sauce was all that I had to satisfy the cheesy cravings…

made with the sometimes underappreciated

Nutritional Yeast,

along with

                               Onion and Garlic Powder

                 Veggie Stock

                               Coconut Creamer

                              Coconut Oil

                                     a little flour

                                          S and P

Start with melting the oil (about 2 T)…

wisk in the flour(1-2 T) making a roux

…cook for a minute,

 loosen the roux with about 1/2 c. stock…

add Nutritional Yeast (1/2-3/4 c.)

G and O powder and S/P

Lastly…add creamer (2-3 T)

My measurements are approximate as I am not a measurer



Try changing it up by adding different herbs and spices…



Red Pepper




This sauce is so delish and so adaptable to many different dishes!


Steamed Veggies

Baked Potatoes

Quinoa or Rice




Try it.

Eat it.

Love it!




* Good Greens *

All veggies are super good

(especially ORGANIC)

and deserve a VIP front row seat in any meal…

But the ones that really make an impact are the GREEN VEGGIES






*Herbs (basil.dill.thyme.parsley)

*Green Onions

It does take a little creativity and experimenting in the kitchen, believe me, I’ve put in my fair share.

I build salads with multiple lettuces for varying textures. If cooking the greens such as chard and

kale, use a coconut oil and plenty of herbs, Himalayan salt and nutritional yeast….oh so yum!!

Green smoothies are another way to up your intake of these great nutrients…just a handful of spinach

kale and a banana makes a tasty base you can add anything to…

Try a saucy version….chop kale, chard and a few herbs….sauté and simmer in good organic tomato

base….serve over pasta, rice or spaghetti squash…..another yum!!

Start small…add a few greens at a time to soups or sauces….get the feel for a new lettuce in your

salads by hiding them in a romaine or green leaf base.

Everyone knows how good greens are….as a blood builder, an internal cleanser & brain food.

Buy yourself a bunch from the local farm stand…browse Pinterest to find a recipe you dig

and plan to spend a little creative time getting to know a superstar vegetable!

Let me know what you came up with…

I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy my greens!!